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We welcome all families with preschool children to drop in and meet other families. Our main centre is located at 103 Milltown Blvd. in the town of St. Stephen. We service all of Charlotte County including the Islands.  Our mission is “to enhance positive parenting and promote the healthy development of children age birth to six years and their families', who live in Charlotte County New Brunswick,  Our vision is "Working together with families for a better future"

The Family Resource Centre provides opportunities for social support and education, particularly for families living in conditions of risk.”

A project sponsored by the Public Health Agency of Canada under the Community Action Program for Childre (CAPC)


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  15 - Let's Make Music

  1 - Recipe of the Month

  28 - ABC of Being 3

  9 - Parent Topics/ Wellness Series

  23 - Active Kids

  23 - Mother Goose

  23 - Annual Hamper Shower