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Prep for School

Prep for School, for children born in 2014:

Miramichi Area> [More info]

Storm Days / Days Schools are Closed ~ We are closed as well.

 Any day that there is no school, we will not offer programs.> [More info]

A Family Place Inc.

Phone: (506) 622-5103


  • Mummies & Tummies


  • NBCC Miramichi

    Partner with the Early Childhood Education Program. 

    Instructor Nancy Sturgeon 778-6942, Annick Daigle 778-6421

  • Early Intervention

    Tel# 778-6532

    Fax# 778-6519

  • Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Community Centres

    Renous Rec Center 622-7182

    Sunny Corner Fire Hall 836-7800

  • Church Groups

  • Mental Health

  • Miramichi Emergency Centre for Women Inc.

  • Police Agencies (Local 8 RCMP)

  • Family & Community Social Services

  • School Districts

  • Region 7 Hospital Corporation

  • Talk with me

    Speech Language Pathologist/ Orthophononsite

    Tel# 623-6373

    Fax# 623-6350

    email: kimberly.aridano@rha7.ca

  • Healthy Baby & Me Program

    tel# 773-7005